Homemade Spanish Sardines

With the prices going up for canned goods plus the move to go natural and minimize the consumption of processed foods, making homemade sardines is one of the best alternatives. I remember back in high school we had a Home Economics class and one of the activities was to make homemade sardines. I lost the recipe but I still remember how simple this can be done at home. Hope you would give it a try.

3/4 kilo milkfish (bangus) or about 8 pieces 4 inches long by 2 inches wide, cleaned (I kept the head on but cut off the tails and fins)
3-4 tbsps. rock salt
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup olive oil
20 pepper corns
8-10 carrots, sliced into rounds, about 5 cm
5 slices of pickle chips
3 bay leafs

Clean the milkfish by removing the gills and inards. Cut out the fins and tail. The head may be removed if desired. Slightly scald the fish with hot water but do not let it cook. After scalding, rub the fish with the rock salt leaving 1 tbsp. to be used for seasoning. Arrange the fish in a pressure cooker and add all ingredients. Make sure that there is enough liquid to cover the fish. Add equal amounts of oil and water if needed. Season with salt. Cook under medium heat until it starts to boil. Cover and let it cook for atleast 30-45 minutes under low-medium heat.

*Add chili if you prefer a spicier taste to your sardines.
**I ran out of pickle chips, so I subtituted it with 2 tbsps. of pickle relish

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