Watercress Pork Soup

After a long week's work, my friends and I would hit the local market tucked in the middle of the city. Local produce and products plus stalls of edible foods that one can eat on the spot or take home. We cam across a stall that sold watercress. VT animated how she and her siblings love the soup her mother cooks using this peppery vegetable with pork. So I excitedly buy a bundle which actually was priced to high, for my taste.

So I followed the recipe and it was a big hit with everyone at home. I tried looking over the net other recipes and discovered different ways of preparing the dish. Having learned of it's medicinal properties (contains significant amounts of iron, calcium and folic acid; good source of Vit. C, iodine), this one is a keeper.

Winter in Seattle calls for something warm and comforting and this soup is the best remedy that brings back the comforts of friends and family from home.


2 lbs of pork spare ribs (1 lb of pork neck and 1 lb pork shoulder)
1 - 2 bunch of watercress, cleaned and tough stems removed
3 cloves garlic, chopped
2 tbsps. ginger, sliced
1-2 liters of water
salt or fish sauce
1 tbsp. oil

In a soup pot, place 1 tbsp. oil and sear the pork pieces in all sides until there is no sign of pinkish color. Pour water covering the pork and let it simmer. Do not let it boil and once the scrum forms on top, remove it with a spoon until you have a clear broth. Season the broth with salt or fish sauce according to your taste. Add the ginger and garlic and let the soup simmer until it becomes fork tender. If the pork is not yet tender, add more water and adjust seasoning.
Add the watercress and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes. (I prefer the watercress wilted and the soup has a light greenish coloring. The soup would be slightly peppery to the taste.)
Serves 4-5.

Note: Other vegetables could be added such as carrots, potatoes, yams or mushrooms. Pork can be substituted with fish fillet, chicken, fish balls, clams or mussels.



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