Kani Crab Spread

I was disappointed to learn that the Subway branch near my office closed down. My co-worker and I would often grab quick bites for lunch or spend the hour savoring our favorite Subway combos. Love the tuna or the sweet onion grilled chicken.
Because I was craving for the Seafood Sensation, I thought of making one at home. It turned out pretty good. Not like Subways, but I would do this all over again.


250 grams Kani crab sticks, cut 1/2 lengthwise, then sliced into match-sticks
1 sweet onion, minced
1 red bell pepper, minced
250 grams mayonnaise
garlic powder
chives, minced
lettuce or shredded cabbage
lightly toasted buns (white or wheat or any you prefer)

Combine all ingredients and season with salt, pepper, 2 tsps. turmeric, garlic powder and minced chives. Refrigerate for about 1 hour to let the flavors blend.

Slice the buns in half and slightly toast to add texture. Spread about 2 heaping tablespoons of crab mixture on one side of the bread. Top with lettuce and tomatoes. Top with the other bun.

Optional: To try a different flavor, replace the chives with cilantro. I haven't tried  yoghurt to replace the mayonnaise for less calories.

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