First Aid # 2 What to do in case of poisoning

I would like to share with you a few tips, notes and preventive measures around the home, the kitchen (or anywhere you are for that matter). This is a continuation from my first post on first aid. I could say that the kitchen is a haven of food in every home. But it can also be a source of toxins and poisons from how we store and prepare our foods to the items we use around the home. I hope this first aid series would help each of us prepare ourselves from letting any accidents from happening and be aware of what to do if such emergencies arise.

What to do in case of food poisoning

First, how do we know if one is poisoned or signs of poisoning?
1. Odor of poison on the breath.
2. Discoloration of the lips and the mouth.
3. Pain or buning sensation in the throat.
4. Whenever bottles or packages of drugs or poisonous chemicals are found open in presence of children
5. Evidence in mouth of eating wild berries or leaves.
6. Unconsciousness, confusion, or sudden illness when access to poison is possible.

If you suspect someone you know is poisoned:

1. Speed is essential. Act before the body has time to absorb the poison. If possible, one person should begin treatmetn while another calls a physician.
2. Save and give to the physician or hospital the poison container with its intact albel and any remaining contents. If the poison is unknown, bring along the vomitus for examination.
The nature of the poison will determine the first aid measure to use.

Keep tuned. I will be posting additional tips and notes on First Aid in the upcoming days.

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