First Aid # 1 - cuts, wound

I know this is a blog that contains recipes that I have tried, tested and cherished to share with you. But I think as part of the theme of treasures that one can find in the kitchen, that would be the knowledge on how to take care of one's self when an accident happens. I will be sharing with you in some tips and knowledge on how to handle accidents that may happen at home (or anywhere for that matter).

It is important to know what to do when one accidentally gets cut to prevent from infection.

For Cuts and Abrasions:

1. Never put the part of the wounded area in the mouth. The mouth harbors germs that could infect the wound.
2. Do not breathe on the wound.
3. Do not allow fingers, used handerchiefs, or other soild materla to touch the wound.
4. Do not use an antiseptic on the wound.
5. Immediately clean the wound and surrounding skin with soap and water.
6. Hold a sterile pad firmly over the wound until the bleeding stops. Then change pad, and bandage loosely with a triangular or roller bandage.
7. Replace sterile pad and bandage as necessary to keep them clean and dry.

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