Crusty Crustacean

Met up with dad at the San Francisco airport and headed to Red Lobster for lunch. Was it lunch or breakfast? I really can't tell anymore with the time difference and the long flight.

Upon entering, I was fascinated with the large tank filled with lobsters. I wanted to just grab them and see if they are as strong swimmers as Larry Lobster. If you do watch SpongeBob SquarePants, you would know which character I am referring to. If not, he is the lifeguard stationed at Goo Lagoon of Bikini Bottom. If not, probably ask if the saw Sebastian crawling in search for Princess Ariel. Kidding.

I remember the first time I had lobster. It was in Red Lobster too but in a different franchise. I told myself that I should have a taste before I head back home. So my aunt brought me and my mom to the nearest branch in Darien, Illinois. I had expectations that it would taste far different from Sebastian's kin, the crab. When I placed my order and tasted the first bite, I was suprise. It felt and tasted like a cross of white shrimps and king crabs. I guess I expected too much but then I shouldn't sell this crustacean short. I am sure there are other ways of preparing that will bring out its potential. I wonder if it would go well if it was prepared like the Chili Crabs of Singapore or cooked with rich coconut milk, ginger, finger chilis and leaves of swamp cabbage. Hmmmm yummy.

In writing this entry, I tried to search through the net for interesting tidbits about this decapod and found out that:
  • Lobsters may outlive us. They are estimated to live up to 100 100 years (unless they were caught and cooked).
  • Spiny lobsters gang up on their attacker by displaying their spines outward (their tails are pointing inward to bring out the spines).
  • If a predator gets hold of one of the lobster's leg, the lobster casts of the limb, seals the area to avoid infection. The damaged leg will then regenerate or regrow producing a brand new one. Similar to their cousins the crabs. (Pretty neat. Wonder if they are distantly related to Wolverine by any chance :D )
  • The largest lobster found weighed around 44 pounds, 6 ounces, 3 feet 6 inches from the end of tail fan to tip of largest claw.
  • Lobsters are blue blooded. Not referring to royalty, but to the color of their blood. If iron makes the color of human blood turn red, copper makes lobster blood be blue.
  • Lobsters may survive in storage without eating for a year if the shells are hard and are full of meat or reserves.
  • The lobster capital of the world is located at Shediac, New Brunswick where the largest lobster sculpture is found.
  • The age of a lobster is determined by its size and the hardness of the shell.
  • Lobsters are actually red in color caused by a carotenoid pigment. Combined with protein, the pigment reacts and a the greenish-blue color which we naturally see on lobsters.


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