Keeping Shrimp Fresh

Everyone in the family loves shrimp. Even my brother who is allergic to it would fight for his fair share whenever mom would prepare shrimp dishes. When ever the "ber" months would start, there would be an abundance of shelled seafood in the markets. Mom would buy 4-6 lbs. of shrimp but will only use 1-2 lbs. in a dish and store the rest. How does she maintain the freshness of the shrimps?

The shrimp whiskers are trimmed off using a pair of scissors or by gently pulling them off, but not necessary. Arrange the shrimps in an air-tight freezer container. Fill the container with tap water. Do not fill the container up to the brim since water expands when frozen but make sure that the shrimps are covered in the water. Freeze the shrimps.

To thaw, we would either leave it under running water or place it in a basin of water which is replaced after 30 minutes until the shrimps are totally defrosted.

True enough, the shrimps retain the same firmness and freshness when we bought them. I am just not sure how long the maximum time they should be kept in the freezer. The maximum that I recall would be a month to two months. Hope this tip helps. I need to go and get more shrimps. :D


Gita Asuncion said...

thanks for this tip! it would really be a great help. i love shrimps and prawns too...
i used to just freeze them after washing. thanks! btw, nice blog you have... ;-)

Malou said...

Your welcome Gita. I am glad you enjoyed reading. It would great to have you back.



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