And there was light...

Finally, after a long absence, I am back... I have been gone for along time that I can't keep track of the stuff I am suppose to post.

Many things have happened. I had to have my laptop serviced by someone from Dell because I have encountered the "Blue Screen of Death" as my friends and I would call it. When ever we encounter a blue screen, there is that chance that data could be lost. Most system errors would display this dreaded screen.

Next, I became busy with moving from one home to another. Gosh, I never thought it would be difficult to pack, load and unload all our stuff. I couldn't imagine how much stuff that I have accumulated in my current number of years. There were clothes, shoes and items that I never thought I owned. Luckily, there was a village garage sale the other weekend.

Lastly, I also have been busy with looking for another job. The 50 hour/week is taking a toll in my health, personal life and social life. This does not include the 2-3 hour travel time each day. It seems or it makes me feel that I am missing alot from my life with this kind of schedule. And through God's grace, He gave me the chance to join another company which I would grow with in the years to come.

Well, let me end this now with, thanking your for bearing with my long slumber and hopefully, I enlighten you with a new set of recipes that I have tried and love to share with all of you...

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