Buttered Garlic Shrimps

Everytime there is a special occasion at home, mom would prepare this simple, easy and yummy crustaceans (next to crabs of course). Each member of the family to grab their own share trying to look for the biggest and juiciest. Mom would pile them really high, placing the medium and small sized on top. When everyone have taken their first share of shrimps, Mom would then dig into the bottom center and grab the most biggest and juiciest prawn ever. A sure clever trick.

After peeling away each shrimp, we would dip it back to the butter garlic sauce that was cooked in. Dad prefers to dip his in vinegar will lots of crushed garlic and a pinch of salt. Anyway eaten, they taste really great and one would always go back for more.

The Ingredients:
1-2 lbs. (1 kilo) of fresh shrimps, whiskers trimmed
1 tbsp. rock salt
1 12oz Sprite or 7-up
1 1/2 heads of garlic, peeled and crushed
1/3 cup butter

Cooking Procedure:
Place the shrimp in a frying pan or wok and season with salt. Pour in the soda. Cover the pan and heat for 8 minutes or until the shrimps are bright in color. Do not over cook because the shrimps will become tough. Set aside.

Melt butter. Saute in the garlic until they become tender and light brown in color but not burnt. Toss in the cooked shrimp in the butter garlic mixture. Add a few tablespoons of the liquid used in boiling the shrimp. Simmer for a minute or two then transfer into a serving plate.


Lotus Flower said...

Instead of 7 Up which I did use before, I use the juice of the fruit cocktail as marinade.(left over from the preparation of the Christmas and New Years frozen buko salad and kept tightly sealed and stored in the ref).

About my spring rolls and red wine? Every time we have left over red wine, I prepare lumpia and use a little amount as a sauteeing ingredient including 1 tsp of tomato paste.

Thanks for your comment. Do drop by again when you have time:-)


Malou said...

Thanks lotus flower for visiting and your welcome.
That is an interesting way of using fruit salad juice. As for the red wine with lumpia, I will try it with the next batch of spring rolls.



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