Prices Soar

My mom and I went to Divisoria yesterday. She wanted to get purse for my aunt. I on the other hand had other things in mind... update my blogs and edit photos. But she won, so I tagged along. Divisoria is place where you can get almost everything and anything at a bargain price - all sorts of foods, clothing, bags, home furnishings, plastic wares, electronics, toys, video, mp3s... The list is endless, in my opinion. Now that the Christmas season is nearing, it is one of the hot spots to go to.

We went around the 168 Mall, and was unlucky with the find. She did set her eyes on the persimmons she saw by the corner of the mall. After haggling with the price we went our way to Tutuban Mall. We searched high and low until we found a store that gave us the purse my aunt wanted at a really good price. It was a Coach body purse in the shades of dark brown. For Php 250, the class AAA, Korea-assembled knock-off was not bad.

Since we were in the area, we decided to buy some fruits to add to the persimmons. I approached serveral stalls and asked for their prices for their persimmons. The price ranged from Php 80 to 100 per kilo and depending on the size. Mom was frustrated because she bought hers at Php 130 She lost Php 30 for the bag she bought. Tsk...tsk...

As we headed to Divisoria Mall, there were a wide array of fruits and vegetables, house hold wares that were being sold. I was there 2-3 weeks back and noticed that the prices increased by 35-50%. I got lucky that I was able to stock up with garlic and red onions. The could last me for a few weeks more. I bought 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of garlic at Php 45 then. Yesterday, they were selling it for Php 60. Fuji apples used to be Php 10/piece and hiked up to Php 50/3 pieces. I was blown away by the difference in price after being away from the area for almost a month. I guess with the prices of gasoline increasing (which is everywhere), product prices will increase as well. The sellers would have to adjust to make their ends meet, and the buyers would wisely budget and spend their hard earned cash to put a decent meal to the table.

I came across an old lady selling all sorts of fruits. She was selling her oranges for Php 10/piece. There was even a sign that claimed the oranges are definitely sweet. There were slightly larger than an baseball and looked sweet and fresh. I bought 5 pieces and my mom was rather skeptic. True enough when we got home, mom opened one and it was sour. So much for guarantees and sweet oranges... I guess I will use them in search for the Christmas treats.

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