Bongo Room Brunch

I was busy archiving my photos that I have taken on my recent US trip. I decided to add this as an entry because everyone enjoyed the moment.

It was our last day in Downtown Chicago when my brother, mom, I and J decided to spend it together shopping. But before we headed to the stores my brother brought us to the Bongo Room along Wabash. As you enter the restaurant, it had a perky feeling and ambiance accompanied by lively staff.

They had an array of breakfast dishes that would make your mouth water. I decided to get the Crab Lobster Eggs Benedict with a glass of grapefruit. My brother, I and J got the same dish while mom ordered the Ham and Eggs Benedict. They had fresh brewed coffee. As we wait, I peeked at the neighboring table. Seeing how each bite brought smiles and luster in their eyes made me wish that the food we ordered be there ASAP. Looking at servers bringing the food in for other customers made me hungrier.

True enough, after 10 minutes, I got my plate of eggs benedict topped with crab lobster hollandaise sauce over a crusty bread. It was accompanied by a side dish of potato and bacon. The sauce wasn't overly powering nor rich that you would loose interest with the second eggs benedict. It complimented the dish perfectly that you would want more. My brother and I surely did wanted to get my share when they ate theirs in a whiff.

While we were busy enjoying our meals, my brother saw a family order a mouth watering plate of fresh fruit with ice cream. So he calls the server and adds Strawberry Mango French Toast topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. He also added Banana Pancakes with Chocolate-Cream Sauce topped with Oreo Cookie (I am not sure if this is the correct title). One thing I loved about this place is you could request for a smaller serving. The photo below is only 1/3 of the actual regular serving.

It tasted heavenly and wonderful no less but my tummy couldn't handle the amount of food anymore. A great way to welcome the day of shopping.


Anonymous said...

i love eggs benedict...:)
Chicago? Deep dish pizza!!!!!

Malou said...

Yes this was taken in Chicago, the home for deep dish pizza. :D
I had my share from Gordano's a couple of years back. It was good but I still go for the thin crust. Maybe when I head back I will try it again and maybe become a convert. ;)



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