Dean & DeLuca

My brother brought home a couple of chocolate pieces and he brought these bars. This reminded me of the defunk tv series Felicity where the main character Felicity Porter (Keri Russell) worked for a coffee shop called Dean & DeLuca through out her college years.

During my visits in the US, I never had the chance of visiting the coffee shop since I have never had the chance of visiting New York. Maybe on my next visit, I would drop by and try them out. And in relation to the actress that played Felicity, Keri Russell starred in a movie titled "Waitress". She is again portraying a role of a waitress, but this time in a small dinner which specializes in all types of pies. She creates all these unique creations of pies and dreams of having her own place and live a better life away from her possessive husband. An inspiring flick that encourages adventure in creating different pies.

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