Present from Tita Pretty

I was looking for a different kind of ensaymada to munch on and came across Mary Grace. I have seen kiosks around Power Plant Mall and Glorietta 4 and cafes in Robinson's Midtown, Trinoma Mall and Serendra but never bothered to get a box until just last September of last year. I never had the chance to post because I got caught up with taking photos and eating delightfully different ensaymada. Normally, we would come across the sweet fluffy cake-y type. This one is rather on the salty side because of the grated queso de bola and the bread is a soft roll that has the right amount of sweetness to complement with the cheese.

I sound like a broken record... Looks like I need to get another one.... I am hooked.

Tita Pretty gave us a box of these yummy queso de bola topped ensaymadas for the New Year. Truly a treasure in one's kitchen for its taste and texture. Soft and moist bread topped with salty grated queso de bola and hint of sweetness too. Thank you Tita Pretty.


Anonymous said...

their cheese rolls are excellent too
--hiro sakai--

Malou said...

Thanks for dropping by Hiro Sakai. Yes, their cheese rolls are also great. :) Looks like I will be heading to one of their stores tomorrow and grab a box to bring home. :D



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