Tahini - Sesame Paste

In my exploration of recipes, I have encountered the term Tahini a couple of times already without really knowing what it is. Until I met a friend, Ayman and mentioned that it was just sesame seeds turned into paste. Ahhhhh. It is similar to peanut butter except it uses sesame seeds instead of peanuts.

So, in the two years, I didn't even bother trying to find this product locally because no one would appreciate its use. Until recently, I decided to make baba ghanouj. I needed tahini and I had no clue which local grocery carries this. So searched the web and came across homemade tahini recipe by Emeril Lagasse . And boy, it sure made my life easier from ransacking all the grocers here in the metro. I just adjusted the amount since I wouldn't be needing a lot of this.

I just toasted 50 grams of sesame seeds for a few minutes until golden in color. Tried not to over cook and burn the seeds else I would end up with a bitter paste. Placed the toasted seeds in a blender and added 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Blend the ingredients together. Add another teaspoon of oil to make it more spread able. You may add more but try to add in small amounts else you would end up with an oily paste. Store blended paste in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator up to a few months.


susan said...

I am so thankful for the recipe for the tahini. I have been wanting to eat healthier and I had been buying the Sadaf hummus that you mix with water, but I like chick peas and can make them but didn't know where to get the tahini. I would look in grocery stores every where I went to no avail. I am not too crazy about the Sadaf but it is better than nothing and the little containers of Tribe hummus can get pretty expensive. Susan

Malou said...

Your most welcome Susan and thank you for visiting. I myself have a difficult time (until now) in searching for this item on the grocery shelves. Now, I can just grab my blender and pulse away for more of this yummy paste.

susan said...

I am going to get some sesame seeds tomorrow and make some so I can make homemade hummus. I have enjoyed the flavor and we put it on whole grain bagels and pita bread. I can't believe how versatile the uses for hummus. I am hoping that if I make it from scratch i can get my husband to try it and maybe he'll like it.



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